We are Schwitzke.

Passion for retail
Architecture, Branding, Construction

The desire to make our clients successful is what motivates us more than anything else. Whether an idea has captured buyers or not is directly reflected in the revenues. To ensure that our clients are successful, we design and realise shops and stores, create brand worlds and spaces for true experiences. We believe in creativity, culture and consumption; we think in terms of marketing, markets and brands.
When working with us, our clients are sure to get exactly what they expect: the highest quality in creation and execution as well as adherence to budget and schedule targets. Decades of experience with a ‘three-pronged’ approach: retail, brand and consumer. We know how retail works, what is currently driving the industry and understand how to drive our customers forward.
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Retail Trad Aficionados – Retail Design Experts

We inspire the ever-changing retail trade and establish brands in the market. We believe that shopping should be fun and, as experienced retail specialists, we feel responsible for the happiness of the purchaser at the PoS. By inspiring and entertaining the customers of our clients, we have been providing the people who hire us with real value added – for more than 25 years and with growing enthusiasm.

The guiding principles of our corporate culture: an open house and direct communication

It runs through all of our company groups like a common thread. We deal with each other on a first-name basis. Not because of peer pressure, but rather because of the closeness between us. Creative freedom, personal responsibility, transparency and flat hierarchies – we do not restrict the enthusiasm and passion for our work for the sake of rules. Our teams work in a free, open-office atmosphere, thinking independently and working responsibly.
We establish a great deal of transparency for this purpose. A principle which simply works – with around 200 employees who use the freedom granted to them and take their responsibilities seriously. Motivation forms the basis for everything we do. Passion for what we do comes by itself. 23 nationalities work under one roof in Düsseldorf, Germany. This provides clear benefits to our clients. And positively shapes our corporate culture.

Thinking ahead. Thinking through. Thinking one step further. All from the customer's perspective

We know our clients. However, we know the customers of our clients – the consumers, purchasers, end users – even better. We approach things from their point of view; we meet their needs at the point of sale. Our clients have grown with us. They have experienced how we at Schwitzke stage brands at every point of contact with the customer: from strategy to concept, from design to architecture, from project planning to turnkey delivery, from corporate identity to store branding. In doing so, we work in an interdisciplinary, international and intercultural manner. This ensures that we are able to offer everything that retail needs today – and will need in the future – in a holistic manner.

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The Will to Design. The Force of Creativity. The Joy of Doing