Firmenmitarbeiter Schwitzke im grünen Innenhof an Biertischen

Our mission: Architects, designers and general contractors with passion

In our projects, we don’t just labor away stubbornly at specifications but think along with the client and outside the box. The focus for us in all project phases is on what users expect and whether the concept fulfills these expectations – even in the details. That’s because whether our clients inspire their own customers is crucial for their sustainable economic success. We do this by combining business and social added value: The results of our work should inspire people and improve their quality of life. In our view, if something doesn’t have value for society as a whole, it’s useless. Social responsibility and environmental awareness are essential to our self-image.

Our values: What shapes our company

Curiosity & confidence
We look forward to the future. For us, consumer trends, technical innovations and social and cultural developments are both a source of inspiration and an opportunity: We don’t want to endure change, we want to shape it – with innovative solutions.

Creativity & team spirit
We live and breath diversity and treat all colleagues, customers and business partners with respect and appreciation. Our employees are independent, responsible team players who enjoy the freedom to think differently – and embrace new ideas and innovative work.

Motivation & performance
We are highly motivated and place the highest demands on ourselves in terms of quality, punctuality and budget compliance. Each and every one of us is passionate about our customers’ projects. As a team, we always give the best that we have to offer.

Schreibtische von Karl und Klaus Schwitzke, offene Wände, offener Raum, wohnlich, gemütlich

The results of our work should inspire people and improve their quality of life.

– Karl & Klaus Schwitzke
Karl und Klaus Schwitzke, Firmengründer, lässig vor Wand draußen angelehnt