Home of the Blues

For the megastore of the British Premier League club Chelsea FC, Schwitzke realized a first class branding and retail concept.  Schwitzke ID was responsible for the complete store branding, from facade design to instore communications. The aim was firstly to visually emotionalize the 900m2 flagship store in Stamford Bridge Stadium, which is a site of pilgrimage for many fans. A new external cube-like facade in proud Chelsea blue frames the entrance to the ‘home of the Blues’ and enhances the visibility and impact of the store from a distance. A real stage with strong potential for virtual fandom on Instagram, Facebook and other social media.

Inside the focus is on the exciting experience of football and the popular club. The complete store branding builds on these ideas: large-area graphics using the emblems of the club, and details such as individually produced wallpaper with silhouettes of the players emotionalize the space and orientate visitors in the store. On the ‘hero wall’ visitors can see original artefacts of the players and remember the stars of the past. In contrast with the many dark areas, the blue products of the club make a highlight in the foreground. So a visit to the store becomes an experience: the lively world of football appeals to fans’ emotions and passion for the team.