Turning history into a brand

For the revitalization of Ludwigsburg Shopping Center, the client ECE commissioned Schwitzke ID to develop the brand and branding for the shopping center. Schwitzke was brought in early to develop a radical strategy for repositioning.  In developing the design language, from the logo and overarching motifs to storytelling, our first priority was to consider the historical city center of Ludwigsburg. Just a few minutes from the shopping center is the largest Baroque palace after Versailles, which used to house several horse markets and

stables. A design idea was soon born that would distinguish the Marstall from the other shopping locations in the area and would give it a unique presence. The thematic motif of horses and stables is carried through the whole building and used in the branding. From the tiles, to horse figures and stirrups on the chandeliers, the motif is applied coherently and in details throughout the center. The color concept with light green and yellow shades is a reference to the design of jockey shirts, while in the car park there are carriages on the walls.