From I need to I want

MediaMarkt repositioned itself in 2017 with the motto ‘the main thing is that you have fun’ and it wanted this motto to be clear in its stores too. The innovative branch concept by Schwitzke takes this key idea and brings customers’ needs and the shopping experience to the fore, presenting the electrical dealer as a source of ideas and innovation. Turning ‘I need’ into ‘I want’- that’s the slogan. The themes developed by Schwitzke ID for branding and instore communications help sharpen the brand’s profile. Freestanding interactive

pavilions closely connect the range with fun, experience and pleasure and are made recognizable from a distance by individually designed signs. The back walls of the store are adorned with eye-catching bubbles which elucidate the range with quotes and testimonials and also aid orientation around the store.  All the customer touchpoints are in the CI color red and convey a clear message.