ELTEN: Flagshipstore

Uedem November 2022

The German family-owned company ELTEN has been a leading manufacturer of safety and work shoes for more than 110 years. Now the company, based in Uedem in the Lower Rhine area, has opened its first flagship store. Schwitzke & Partner is responsible for the design and implementation of the 800 sqm store.

The centre and highlight of the space are an impressive skylight and the expansive merchandise supports in bright brand red, which were specially designed by Schwitzke & Partner. When selecting the materials used, great importance was attached to the most authentic, natural materials possible, such as wood or metal, as well as working with accent colours. The aforementioned gaudy corporate red is joined, for example, by reseda green, a brownish-green shade that used to be used as a base coat for machines.

Interior design: Schwitzke und Partner
Area: 800 sqm
Service: Concept development, LPH 1-8
Photos: ELTEN