Experience first, Sales second: the reinvention of the showroom

SWING’s Düsseldorf showroom presents itself as a new meeting place

The occasionwear label SWING has been known for feminine day dresses, elegant cocktail dresses and festive evening gowns for over 30 years. Now SWING has moved into a new presence on Kaiserswerther Straße in the centrally located showroom network of renowned fashion brands in Düsseldorf. We were responsible for the design and remodeling of the 200 m² showroom.

Not only the individuality of the products plays a role in the fashion business, but also the place where the products are presented. The new showroom reflects the brand essence and has become the new meeting place for shoppers. The harmonious atmosphere with a beautiful lounge area invites shoppers to linger and turns the product presentation into an experience. This is ensured by coordinated pastel shades accentuated by black-lacquered metal elements and brass, which convey the brand’s contrasting DNA: positive, feminine and yet exciting and modern.

<p><strong>Tina Jokisch</strong><br>Managing Direktor Schwitzke & Partner</p>
<p>Mail: tina.jokisch@schwitzke.com<br>Tel: +49 211 44035 212</p>
<p><strong>Wolfgang Sigg</strong><br>Managing Director Schwitzke Project</p>
<p>Mail: wolfgang.sigg@schwitzke.com<br>Tel: +49 211 44035 402</p>