Life in Paris

Schwitzke France “Luxury Residentials”

Our team in France, as an architect, designer and general contractor, has created outstanding apartments with character. These exciting projects show our enthusiasm for Paris and the Francophile lifestyle.

With respect for tradition and the historical building, modern domiciles with partly progressive design have been designed. The luxury apartments in Paris thrive on high-quality details that underline the individual touch of the residents.

Through intensive discussions with the owners and our view for the special design, we create personalities – a home with character.

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Schwitzke Résidentiel de luxe

Schwitzke France

11 Rue Bachaumont
75002 Paris / Frankreich

T +33 1 44542340

Schwitzke France

As a local partner on site in Paris, Schwitzke France covers the entire range of services offered by the Schwitzke Group. Projects in France – both from French and foreign customers – are managed from this branch. Our office in Paris enables us to maintain intensive customer contact, to respond to the very specific way of working in this market and to react quickly.