The good things continue growing: Manufactum opens first locations with smaller units

Schwitzke & Partner accompanies the retailer on the expansion of his market presence by conveying the brand’s statement to the new department stores.

At Manufactum, all signals point to growth: After the retailer of “the good things“ has extended his presence to many big cities in Germany as well as Vienna, now the first department stores with smaller units are opening in medium sized cities. Schwitzke & Partner accompanies the client on the expansion by refining the store concept developed for Bremen, Vienna and Hanover for the upcoming locations. After the opening of the twelfth department store in Bonn, on Wednesday, 13 May the latest store in the Münster Arkaden opened its doors.

Each in central location and with a sales are of 330 to 350 square meters, the new department stores offer selected products for everyday goods that were produced responsibly and resource-friendly – from apparel, furniture and home wear to kitchen and garden equipment up to body care. As usual, also the locations Münster and Bonn count on the well-proven principle of a special shopping experience: Beside the presentation of products the department stores create a place for a vivid interaction with the goods. Visitors have the opportunity to get to know the products’ story as well as information about their usage and maintenance. By the means of tastings or workshops planned for the future, the person behind the product will become visible as well as the context and knowledge of the makers becomes tangible. Manufactum creates a venue where people can exchange and experience the goods. Beside a longer stay at the department store, the consequence of this concept is a real, sustainable relation with your new favorite piece.

<p><strong>Manufactum Warenhaus Bonn</strong><br>Markt 10-12<br>53111 Bonn</p>
<p>Monday to Saturday, 10 to 19h</p>
<p><strong>Manufactum Warenhaus Münster</strong><br>Ludgeristraße 100<br>48143 Münster</p>
<p>Monday to Saturday, 10 to 18h</p>

„We are pleased to support our long-standing client on expanding his presence within brick-and-mortar retail and accompanying him during the next phases.”

– Tina Jokisch, Managing Director Schwitzke & Partner

The refined store concept by Schwitzke & Partner supports the experience within the new department stores in a special way. As for example the ceiling of the entrance area in Bonn opens up to a height of six meters it creates an airy and generous entrée situation. Space-shaping elements made of sales units define the customer journey and guide the customer throughout the assortment and inspiring theme worlds. Modular furnishings made of light wood enable a movable product presentation as well as a flexible use of the space for events or workshops. Intended accents in lime green and stone gray loosen up the picture and transport the retailer’s valuable yet restrained brand message to the sales area. The focus lies on the products and their relation to the visitor. For a resource-friendly reconstruction of the existing premises, individual elements such as the room shell, the ceiling and the flooring could be re-used.