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New retail concept for Biogenas pop-up store

Retail concept for brand reorientation: Biogena opened a pop-up store in Frankfurt’s city center on Thursday. This marks the first time the Austrian manufacturer of micronutrient food supplements enters the German market. The Düsseldorf-based retail experts of Schwitzke were commissioned to create a concept for the pop-up store and to implement the refurbishment works.
Small, nice, and special – these attributes briefly describe the new temporary shop. Biogena is in the process of brand reorientation, and has now given the starting signal with an improvised and experience-oriented pop-up store with a sales area of approx. 40 square meters. Schwitzke created a concept with an ‘event’ feel, which presents Biogena’s range of natural products while also emphasizing its company values regarding sustainability. Directly upon entering the shop, customers feel the shop’s calm and atmospheric ambience. The few but effective elements accentuate the brand’s closeness to nature, purity, and clarity: Shelves made of untreated raw wood, simple combed wall plaster, muted shades of gray, plain wooden stools and screed with transparent coating provide a look both futuristic and close to nature. Large-format, black-and-white landscape motifs on canvas serve as unpretentious eye-catchers in the store and contribute to the authentic and reduced ambience.
The pop-up will be replaced by a permanent Biogena store in June. Schwitzke continues to provide support for its client’s further expansion with a new flaghip store in Vienna.