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Chelsea FC re-opens megastore at stadium

Friendly to fans and emotional: Schwitzke develops and builds a new concept
Chelsea FC re-opened its flagship megastore at Stamford Bridge stadium. Schwitzke developed a branding and retail concept with lots of flair for the Premier League champions and re-built the 900 square meter fans' shop in an 8 week-period between the seasons. The implementation of the project within this extremely short period was successful thanks to the interaction of the various companies of the Schwitzke group - from the design development (Schwitzke & Partner), to in-store communication (Schwitzke ID) to turnkey removal (Schwitzke Project), the traditional club received full service. A better presentation of goods for increasing the turnover with stronger emotionalisation of the entire visual appearance is the backbone of the new retail concept. A visit to the store will quickly become an adventure tour; the lively showcased football world will appeal to the emotions of the fans and their love for their club.