Design in the Times of Covid-19

The Stillness

Right now, the top priority is health: the mission to protect and save every single life.
All the while sustaining the infrastructure and the supply of the people.

With admiration and appreciation, we watch as courageous and indispensable nursing staff, doctors, police officers, fire fighters, sales personnel, postal and delivery services continue to do their jobs and assume responsibility.

The rest of us become introspective and reverent in the face of such a new crisis.

At the same time, we are being forced to slow down. Not only our social lives, this affects our economics, our work, and thus, our existence.

Things will change. Whether we like it or not.

The deciding factor will be whether you are an active part of this change and use the opportunity to influence it. Taking the leap from simply reacting to acting and shaping the future.

Digitization and climate change have exposed the weaknesses of many business models in recent years. Now they are undeniable.

We have to stop believing that everything can be globalized, and that price comes before quality. Beyond the actual panic mode, people want – or need – to consume more consciously. Simply because money is scarce, and everyone is more careful.

How will this current experience shape our behavior?

We will have to ask ourselves new questions: rethink our positions, our offerings, review them and communicate them clearly.

Personally, at the moment I can act privately – taking responsibility for my family, friends, neighbors, and also for my team.

As a designer, I would love to tackle these new questions together with you and explore how we can shape your future. I am an optimist through and through and believe in the opportunity for change and the power of further development.

Let’s work together on these new solutions.