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Schwitzke and Marina Home offer reward for “Project Remake” design contest

Promotion of new design talent: All it takes is one piece of furniture from the current Marina Home collection, which is given to design students to do with as they please – laminate it, paint it, saw it up, sculpt it – to see which innovative approaches to design result from the experiment. Over the course of the next weeks, advanced students of American and Canadian design universities in Dubai will apply themselves to this task. The promotion and support of young talent is of great importance to us, which is why we committed to offering a reward for this design contest together with our client. An expert jury, including two members from among our own ranks – Markus Schwitzke (Schwitzke Graphics) and Marcus Käss (Schwitzke & Partner Dubai) – will choose the best and most visionary design. The winner will be invited to spend three months in our company headquarters in Düsseldorf as an intern. Furthermore, the ten most convincing designs will be presented at this year’s Commercial Interior Design Award at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in Dubai in front of an audience representing the international retail industry.
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