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New Lifestyle Electronics Brand DNA launches its first store in Jordan

A new brand is born! At the beginning of May, the first store of the newly created brand DNA opened its doors in Abdali Mall in Amman, Jordan. The store with almost 1,000 sqm offers the best in each category such as Multimedia, Electronics and Accessories, Music, Books or Home Entertainment and Lifestyle items. For the owner company aroc, the Schwitzke Group accompanied the whole brand and retail process – from brand development, visual identity, store design and instore communication as well as the implementation.

The newly developed name embraces what the concept is basically about: As the short version of Digital‘N’Analog, the term DNA represents both the primarily technical assortment as well as the true experience and emotions the gadgets are supposed to create for the customer. The combination of digital and emotional is continued with the visual language: A strong cyan-like blue as the brand’s main color or the specially created Flipdot typography create a cool and digital impression. Portrait images of trendy and diverse people from various nations and cultures create the main imagery and are used as oversized wall graphics in the store: DNA as an innovative, open and democratic place to go.

The store design focuses on a sleek and urban retail environment to put emphasis on the product variety. While the different divisions all show a special tweak to reflect the offered product range, a seamless brand identity is maintained through the entire store. To optimize the customer’s experience, the categories’ wording aim to inspire and engage the browsing visitor with inviting sayings like Connect, Play, Listen, Tune and Read.