Schwitzke & Partner

Easa Saleh Al Gurg Design Hub at D3

The Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group (ESAG) showroom is a hybrid space built on 1,000 square meters. It’s meant to cater to people like landlords, contractors, customers, and even designers who live in the D3, Dubai Design District.

The showroom project is meant to connect with the target audience and introduce them to the seven interior design and architecture companies comprising ESAG, such as La Cucina from AMF, Al Semsam, Better Life, Mac Al Gurg, Oasis, OFIS, and Scientechnic along with the services and products it offers.

For the Dubai team of Schwitzke & Partner, developing a seamless expanse where seven brands can retain their individuality was a challenging feat. The aim was to harness each company’s identity without compromising on an undisrupted flow.

The team implemented upon the idea of an open-concept entrance to reflect the different brands of products displayed. This was the work of several pavilions, arranged in a random fashion that sets the tone for a casual discourse and builds feelings of dynamism – each angle gives a new perspective. The areas create invisible partitions to give each brand a unique frame and to highlight each company’s unique aura and their most captivating pieces. In order to maintain branding standards for customers visiting the space, they positioned pavilions to position brand logos on the side while facing the entrance. This provides guidance to visitors making their way through space.