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Klaus Schwitzke in Discussion Session at Deutscher Modehandelskongress 2015

Where will tomorrow’s consumers shop? What will they buy? How will they buy it? Which new developments must we brace for in the conflict between local and digital business? Deutscher Handelskongress (German Retail and Trade Congress) wants to provide answers to these questions, gives the floor to decision-makers and invites its guests to network, discussions current industry topics and exchange ideas.

Klaus Schwitzke will participate in a discussion session on the topic “Stores 2020 – How bricks-and-mortar stores can be attractive and lucrative in the future” on 5th November at Maritim Hotel in Düsseldorf. Further participants include Christian Greiner (Executive Board of Ludwig Beck / Wormland) and Lars Messerich (Owner of Messerich Mode).

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