Schwitzke & Partner

Heinemann Opens new Confectionery in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel

Schwitzke & Partner develops Store Concept: Chocolate enthusiasts have a new home. After the old shop on Luegallee in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel had closed, a new branch of Heinemann, a long-established confectioner in Düsseldorf, reopened only a few hundred meters down the street. Schwitzke & Partner developed an exquisite store design which will preserve and reinforce Heinemann’s status as one of the first addresses for the finest chocolates and pastries far beyond Düsseldorf’s city limits.
Lavish and filled with delicacies – just like one imagines the perfect pastry shop: On a sales floor of 80 square meters, the small but lovely store makes the art of confectionery tangible to chocolate connoisseurs. With its classic checkerboard-pattern marble floor, oak wall panels and sophisticated lighting system, the store design creates a perfect framework for the presentation of chocolate in its most beautiful form.