polis Convention 2021 – meet us!

textschwester x Schwitzke: polis Meetingpoint 2021

Together with our PR agency textschwester, we are hosts at the polis Convention in Düsseldorf and have designed a meeting place for visitors.

The polis Convention is Germany’s leading trade fair for urban and project development. Once a year, cities and municipalities, the nationwide real estate industry, project developers, business promoters as well as investors, architects, planners, designers and many more meet here. – In short, all the players who transform our cities into liveable spaces.

We will also be there – with our pink “art” meeting point “Places that speak” we cannot be overlooked at Meetingpoint F 041. Klaus Schwitzke and Tina Jokisch will be there together with the textschwester team around Alex Iwan and are looking forward to an exciting fair.


Klaus Schwitzke
Geschäftsführer Schwitzke GmbH

Mail: klaus.schwitzke@schwitzke.com
Tel: +49 211 44035 102


Tina Jokisch
Geschäftsführerin Schwitzke & Partner

Mail: tina.jokisch@schwitzke.com
Tel: +49 211 44035 212