Image of the new Monheim Mitte flag and colourful balloons with new Monheim Mitte logo on it.

Monheim Mitte – New hotspot in Monheim

How do you rebrand a city? In 2020, we began redesigning Monheim’s city centre, Monheim Mitte, to give it a more approachable feel that will draw in local retail and give citizens a place to enjoy themselves.

The aim was to rediscover shopping as a networked experience, staged as a place of digital and analog. We began with strategic positioning and the development of a mission statement. Then we developed the holistic-brand design that includes classic corporate design, guidelines for a pedestrian guidance system, and a fully accessible website that contains the retailer database.

As a dynamic business location, Monheim is already well known, but that is not everything. There are 620 similarly sized cities in Germany that could benefit from Monheim’s example. Together, we can build a more connected tomorrow.

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Logo of Monheim Mitte