Peak Vienna

New real estate branding with feel-good character in Vienna

At the end of November 2020, the office ensemble on the banks of the Danube started under a new name with a fundamentally changed orientation and brand identity. The new name Peak Vienna is intended to stand for a place that combines working and feeling good, urbanity and local recreation. Especially in times of flexible working environments that allow us to work from anywhere, the physical office environment is becoming increasingly important. After all, the quality of the environment has a major influence on the results of work and the well-being of employees.


Surrounded by parks and bodies of water, the former Florido Tower is located in a very special place. Coupled with architectural measures, such as a park-like inner courtyard, nature is once again becoming part of everyday life in the building as well. In addition to the visual enhancement, the greenery offers real added value such as higher performance and concentration levels, a greater sense of well-being and reduced stress levels. With this in mind, the Vienna office building of the former Florido Tower is now to be taken to the next level. With a new vision, a new ambience – and a new name. The positioning is to be made tangible and clearly communicated to the outside world.


From Florido Tower to Peak Vienna – The unique location in direct proximity to the city center forms the perfect starting point for the repositioning of the office ensemble: Lively city life including urban infrastructure meets recreation in green surroundings. Nearby parks and soothing watering holes on the Old and New Danube offer all the benefits of nature. As an extension of the adjacent recreation area, Peak Vienna merges with the greenery and carries the natural atmosphere into the interior of the building. The individual character and charm is not only carried by the name, but resonates throughout the entire appearance: whether on the website, on the social media channels or directly on the building.

“Come and work well with us!”