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Pflanzen Breuer opens up redesigned Experience Garden Center

New garden center experience: In early March the company Pflanzen Breuer opened its rebuilt garden center in St. Augustin, which was remodeled based on the overall design concept of grün erleben group. On 8,000 sqm, visitors can now expect a green Experience Location with an open, modern design as well as an inviting café area. Schwitzke accompanied the repositioning and modification from assortment to gastro concept.

The fundamental design, which has also been developed by Schwitzke for grün erleben, was transferred to the location and the entire signage, from wayfinding system up to assortment boards, was renewed. The entrance was changed from two compact zones into one spacious entrance area, so garden lovers now experience a warm welcome. Furthermore Schwitzke transformed the Café Bistro GARTEN KÜCHE into an independent gusto area. Enlarged to double of its previous size, the gastronomy now invites customers to enjoy delicious treats all the day. An own logo as well as newly designed menu cards and boards strengthen the gastronomic presentation and affiliation to the brand. Cozy, modern furnishings with light brown wood and warm contrasts turn the café into a quality location that provides even more room for events like flower arrangements, barbecue classes or Ladies’ Nights.