Schwitzke Graphics is now Schwitzke ID!

The new name strengthens the agency’s positioning and brings its expertise for designing and developing brand personalities to the outside world.

It’s now official: Schwitzke Graphics becomes Schwitzke ID as in Identity Design. In so doing, the company clearly tells the outside world about its essence as a design agency and visibly focuses on its brand development expertise. “The new name labels what we can do and what our customers can expect from us”, says Markus Schwitzke, Managing Director of Schwitzke ID. “We are creating authentic brand personalities and an entire universe to go along with it: from the visual identity and brand story to all points of contact and even communication – whether offline or online.”

Founded in 2010 as part of the Dusseldorf-based Schwitzke Group, the company began as a graphics studio and quickly established itself in the fields of store branding and in-store communication. Today, a true design and marketing agency stands behind Schwitzke ID, with a 20-member team consisting of designers from various disciplines along with strategy and marketing experts. True to the motto “all about the brand”, they create strong brands with a clear identity that delights people and holds potential to become a favorite brand. sander, a restaurant brand developed by Schwitzke ID and winner of the German Brand Award, recently launched its first location in Frankfurt. The branding concept elaborated for electronic retailer MediaMarkt’s pilot stores in Belgium and the Netherlands won the 2018 “Brand Innovation of the Year” award.

„We are creating authentic brand personalities and an entire universe.“

– Markus Schwitzke

“More than anything, authentic brands with substance and attitude will provide cross-industry guidance in the future. This takes personality, character, and identity”, says Markus Schwitzke. “We want to inspire people to question the mainstream, change things and give brands new strength with regard to content and design. And we want to do so with the power of design and people at the core.”