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It is the small details that make up the big picture. And someone who has created retail design for 25 years, and put their heart and soul into it, knows a thing or two about details. Our current image brochure proves this beyond a doubt and presents Schwitzke Group’s company philosophy and project highlights under the motto “Retail is Detail”.
Attention to detail at its best: The publication presents itself all in black and copper - from the embossment on the black linen cover via the book-end paper and the font color all the way to the bookmark, individual highlights have a copper hue as a warm contrast to the agency presentation’s matt black-and-white layout. The heart of the brochure – our most important projects of the past two years – is printed in color on glossy paper and structured by copper-colored page numbers. Full-page photos and hand-written quotes by company founders Karl and Klaus Schwitzke add a personal touch and show: In this company, the owners still take matters into their own hands. The booklet’s editorial design and creative implementation were realized by our graphic-design office Schwitzke Graphics.
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