When tradition turns into future

Repositioning of the gardeur brand

As a company with an impressive history, gardeur was faced with the task of making the traditional brand relevant to the future. In the past, the simple rule of availability applied, but the trousers specialist realized that desirability works differently nowadays. Brands have to keep moving, remain agile, respond to the needs of their customers and become part of their daily lives. So the brand’s new challenge was to convey, across all communication forms, that ‘we make the most fashionable trousers’.

The approach we took as designers was to work closely with the client to help revive certain elements of the brand and bring them up to the current time. So the focus of our work was a clear, straight-lined visual and graphic language, which feels contemporary and fashionable.

So the brand gardeur was repositioned using the following measures: shortening their name by removing ‘Atelier’, refreshing the typography and logo, revising the corporate design and creating a new visual language with corporate stationary, advertisements and look books.

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