Wöhrl Nürnberg Rolltreppe

WÖHRL – the new dimension of stationary trade

Grand opening in Nuremberg

WÖHRL SE has tremendously expanded its traditional store in Nuremberg for more than 400 brands from the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sectors. The previous area of almost 14,000 m² was supplemented by a new building with a further 6,000 m². Our team of architects created modern worlds of experience over six floors. The highlight is the expansive vertical LED wall in the central airspace, which at 27 meters high is one of the largest in Europe.

WÖHRL’s new aspirations can be felt throughout the entire building complex. All areas have been restructured and redesigned and now offer clear orientation for customers.

A fascinating beauty world has been newly created on 400 m²: from coveted luxury fragrances and trendy niche brands to natural cosmetics and clean beauty. Customers also have the opportunity to experience beauty treatments in the in-house treatment cabin.

The range of services has also been expanded to include an integrated post office, packing service and personal shopping. There are spacious lounge areas on all floors that invite you to relax and blend in harmoniously with the color concept of warm, natural tones. For the material world, we were inspired by the Franconian surroundings. It ranges from oak, terracotta and terrazzo to brass and gold to fluted glass.

Marie Ernst
Managing Director Schwitzke & Partner

Mail: marie.ernst@schwitzke.com

Tel: +49 211 44035 269