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We turn properties into brands

Branding, development and implementation of real estate projects

As designers, architects and general contractors, we are driven to make real estate projects successful. Our comprehensive range of services aims to take a holistic view of projects and carry them out profitably with our multidisciplinary team – from marketing and design to turnkey construction. The idea of a “building as a brand” plays a central role in our work. With our years of experience in brand development, we also see enormous potential for the real estate industry to turn properties into attractive and desirable brands for investors and tenants.

Our approach: “M hoch 3” – Menschen (people) – Marken (brands) – Mehrwerte (added value)

Brands serve as orientation anchors and convey values with which we can identify. What values, what value proposition should a property or a neighbourhood convey? What needs are met and what kind of attitude to life should it convey? Which users should be addressed?

The brand identity forms the foundation of a property development, which runs through the entire project. Based on social trends, we identify the basic needs of users and the human requirements and develop a unique position and brand personality from this, which is then reflected in the architectural vision and planning through to turnkey implementation.

This process creates the foundation for the long-term success of the property.

Our services: branding, architecture and construction

Brand Development

To make a property desirable, it needs a unique personality that can be felt and communicated. Together with our clients, we develop a sound strategy to position the project correctly and formulate a corresponding vision. On this basis, we develop the brand and its personality, from the name and logo to the visual identity and communication in the space. Once the brand personality is in place, it is time to market the property. We develop strategic measures to make the project known and popular, and to win fans during the planning and implementation phase.

Find out more about our design and brand agency at: Schwitzke ID

<p><strong>Strategy</strong><br>Positioning<br>Expert workshops<br>Value proposition / vision<br>Values, attitude & brand essence<br>Storybook & teaser<br>Site application</p>
<p><strong>Brand Development</strong><br>Name & logo<br>Corporate Design<br>Image & content concept<br>Communication in space<br>Brand manual</p>
<p><strong>Communication</strong><br>Communication & marketing strategy<br>Exhibition stands & showrooms<br>Exposés / marketing tools<br>Guidance systems<br>Web design / social media<br>Photo & video shoots</p>
monochrom-weißer Laden von LFDY, hell freundlich, minimalistisch

Architecture & Interior Design

As architects, we offer all services in the fields of architecture, interior design and general planning for the holistic design of properties and neighbourhood development projects. Private and public, national and international. First, we analyse the structural conditions and the urban context as well as the catchment area of the property. Based on the requirements and needs of the future users, we provide the appropriate mix of sectors and tenants. We then develop an architectural vision on this basis that makes the content and new brand personality tangible for the user. For our clients, we cover all services of service phases 1 to 9 of the HOAI – whether for the healthcare sector, office, gastronomy and hotel industry or retail.

Find out more about our architects and interior designers at: Schwitzke & Partner

<p><strong>Functionality</strong><br>Analysis & budgeting<br>Feasibility studies<br>Tenant mix<br>Urban development concepts<br>Third-party usability<br>Sustainability<br>Smart building</p>
<p><strong>Concept</strong><br>Vision / central idea<br>Work phases 1-9 HOAI<br>Architecture & Interior Design<br>Tenant façade concept<br>3D visualisations</p>
<p><strong>Coordination</strong><br>Design & technical tenant coordination<br>Tenant design guidelines<br>Tenant façade planning</p>
Arbeiter mit einer Weste von Schwitzke Project, der auf dem Bau etwas fernsteuert


As an experienced general contractor, we can implement complex construction and real estate projects in existing buildings. Our portfolio ranges from the creation of new hotel and office worlds to the refurbishment of public administration complexes, from shell construction to revitalization. In our function as a general contractor, we support the entire construction process for our clients, from planning to turnkey handover. As challenging as your construction task may be: We find the solution, develop the plan and consistently lead all processes to the goal. We cover all services in the preliminary planning and construction phase, including all trades: technology and finishing, specialist engineering services, exterior works, building shell, shell and steel construction, fixtures and furnishings. With over 80 employees in project management and 1,200 partner companies, we can act quickly, nimbly and on schedule at all times – quality-conscious and cost-conscious.

Find out more about our general contractor work at: Schwitzke Project

<p><strong>Spectrum</strong><br>Feasibility studies<br>Inventory & risk analysis<br>Variants<br>Budgeting<br>General planning<br>LEED Silver + Gold<br>All DGNB certifications<br>LEAN construction management</p>
<p><strong>Service</strong><br>Conversion & extension<br>Building in existing properties<br>Technical trades<br>Interventions in the shell<br>Professional reporting<br>Europe-wide – International<br>Value Engineering<br>Sustainability</p>
<p><strong>Diversity</strong><br>Building revitalization<br>Shopping Center<br>Fitness & spas<br>Gastronomy & hotels<br>Offices<br>Open book<br>Turnkey<br>GU / GÜ / TÜ – model</p>
<p><strong>Brand Development</strong><br>Mall of Switzerland</p>
<p><strong>Brand Development</strong><br>Mall of Switzerland</p>
<p><strong>Brand Development</strong><br>Facade-Branding Breuninger Düsseldorf</p>
<p><strong>Brand Development</strong><br>Forum Schwanthalerhöhe Munich</p>
<p><strong>Brand Development</strong><br>agnes Mall Göppingen</p>
<p><strong>Architecture / Interior Design</strong><br>Zero6 Mall Sharjah</p>
<p><strong>Architecture / Interior Design</strong><br>Tommy Hilfiger Flagship Store London</p>
Brottheke von Manufactum, graue Fliesen, üppiger Blumenstrauß, Brot, das verführt
<p><strong>Architecture / Interior Design</strong><br>Manufactum with bread & butter</p>
<p><strong>Architecture / Interior Design</strong><br>Private Residential Beirut</p>
Arbeiter mit Bauhelm und gelber Veste von Schwitzke Project
<p><strong>Construction</strong><br>DuMont Carré Cologne</p>
Gelbes Auto, gelber Lamborghini in schwarzer hochpolierter Halle
<p><strong>Construction</strong><br>Car-Showroom Moll Düsseldorf</p>
Signaletik: Eine umkreiste, weiße 1 auf Beton , um eine Etage anzuzeigen
<p><strong>Construction</strong><br>Retail Store</p>
<p><strong>Construction</strong><br>Regional Council Darmstadt</p>