A Düsseldorf original redesigned


Chocolate fans have a new facorite place: For the Düsseldorf- based traditional confectionery Heinemann, we created a store for sweet indulgence. Just a few hundred meters next to the old shop on Oberkassel’s Luegallee, a new and exquisite branch opened in 2017 that continues to make Heinemann the prime choice for the finest chocolates and confectionery creations – far beyond the city’s boundaries. Lavishly and densely designed, just like you would imagine a chocolate store: This small but fine little store brings the hearts of connoisseurs closer to the world of confectionery across 80 square meters. With classic, checkered-pattern marble floors, oak wall paneling and a light field in the ceiling, the store’s design creates the perfect environment for exhibiting chocolate in its most beautiful form.

Luegallee, Dusseldorf
80 square meters

Traditional confectionery rethought.