Leipzig Central Station: Shopping mall redevelopment on a 24/7 schedule.

ECE Leipzig Hauptbahnhof Schwitzke Project

Key facts at a glance:

  • Challenge: Redevelopment of the mall area of Leipzig’s central station into a modern shopping promenade – including modernization of the building services.
  • Special features: Refurbishment and fit-out in a high-traffic area with the minimum possible disruption.
  • Approach: Overall management as general contractor; organization of construction measures section by section; 24/7 scheduling; close coordination with the mall operator, ECE.
  • Design: ECE / Tchoban Voss Architekten
ECE Leipzig Lueftungstechnik Schwitzke Project

Promenaden Central Station I Leipzig
Entry through the roof: a 600-ton crane lifts the ventilation technology into the building

ECE Leipzig Abluftleitungen Schwitzke Project

Promenaden Central Station | Leipzig
Vertical operation: new exhaust air ducts were brought into place via high scaffolding

ECE Leipzig Planung Schwitzke Project

Promenaden Central Station | Leipzig
Meticulous planning: the processes had to be organized down to the last detail

No wonder the phone lines never cooled down. The construction process had to be organized around tens of thousands of station visitors daily.

Around the clock, seven days a week: from start to finish, work on Germany’s largest terminal railway station progressed without interruption. The shopping mall giant ECE wanted to create a splendid new retail promenade here.
It wouldn’t have been possible without intensive preparation and coordination. The large-scale project encompassed the entire public area and involved all fit-out and technical teams.
Over a wide expanse, that which had aged was comprehensively modernized: the building, ventilation, and cooling systems in the food services area; the floor screed in central locations, as well as all of the fittings; and last but not least, the interior furnishings, including manufacture and installation.
It took a major feat of planning, with the transparent involvement of the decision-makers at ECE. And a consummate logistical effort to intelligently guide the technical crews and the masses of visitors daily – stage by stage.
It all culminated in the inauguration of one of Germany’s most beautiful malls.