Re-opening of the streetwear label Live Fast Die Young on Ehrenstraße in Cologne.

On 100 m², LFDY shows its community the current collection in a minimalist atmosphere. The aim was to implement the brand’s proven showroom concept with just a few elements. With a monochrome warm white look, the new design of the store focuses on restraint as a background for the goods sorted by colour.

The black shop window front frames the view into the uniformly bright store and creates an exciting black and white contrast reminiscent of a Polaroid print. The collection is presented along one side of a whitewashed brick wall, drawing customers all the way to the back of the store, where the changing rooms and the “filing cabinet” for the collection pieces, iconic in every store, are located.

Central to the design were the partially exposed rough stone walls contrasting with the smooth, light-coloured shell of the space. Also in warm white are the custom-made collection bars and the filing cabinet made of powder-coated sheet steel, as well as the free-standing furniture for the cash desk and the presentation table made of solid surface material.  Minimalist-pure is thus defined by a mix of new goods carriers, a newly developed lighting system and selected vintage furniture. Tone on tone.


Interior design: Schwitzke & Partner

Completion: November 2022

Area: 100 sqm

Service: LPH1-8

Lighting concept: Schwitzke with Candus GmbH

Photographer: Katharina Jaeger