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How Places Turn Into Brands: Markus Schwitzke with a lecture at German Council Conference RAP

We are happy to announce that Schwitzke ID will be part of this year’s RAP Conference. Under the motto “Placemaker – Reinventing The City”, the German Council of Shopping Places presents the industry gathering for Legal, Architecture and Project Development on 1 and 2 October in Hamburg.

On day two, SID Managing Director Markus Schwitzke will give a lecture following the topic “Slow Town” to present his perspective on tomorrow’s inner cities and to explain why human beings have to become the center of the consideration again.

Without knowing, the lecture’s title – which was chosen before Covid-19 – is more up to date than ever. Today, after the weeks of lockdown when urban life closed and slowed down by decree. But what is it to learn and derive from it for the future? How must urban spaces function combining Retail and Office, Real Estate and Leisure Time? And most of all: How does one succeed in bring human beings back into the center of municipal decisions again?

German Council Conference
RAP Recht / Arbeit / Projektentwicklung
25hours Hamburg HafenCity
Überseeallee 5
20457 Hamburg

Lecture Markus Schwitzke
2 October 2020
starting at 15.15 h

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With his design agency Schwitzke ID, Markus Schwitzke became an expert in turning properties into brands. In giving urban projects an identity both contentual and visual that creates desire and participation for residents and visitors. In his lecture at the German Council Conference, the designer deals with possible ways to bring back people to the city. Positive outlooks and examples of Mixed Use or creative solutions for urban planning support his strategic approach for “Humans, Brands, Values“.

We are looking forward to two exciting conference days and inspiring discussions about the City of Tomorrow!


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Febiyan / Unsplash
The Copenhagen Islands / Marshall Blecher & Fokstrot

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