Schwitzke Talk at EuroShop 2020

Markus Schwitzke at the Retail Designers Stage about Place Making

Save the Date – because our next lecture is just around the corner! Our Managing Director Markus Schwitzke is going to take part in EuroShop 2020, the World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair, with an exclusive lecture on February 17 and 18. With the title “Place Making – the Reinvention of Brand Spaces in the Digital Age” he will explain, why brands have to be transformed into genuine personalities that enable real encounters and adventures to complement today’s omnipresent digital experiences. In his speech, Markus Schwitzke is talking all things Identity and Branding up to Inspiration, Sensual Experiences or “Instagrammable Moments” – and how Design can build the bridge.

Further information:

Schwitzke Talk
EuroShop 2020
Retail Designers Stage

17 Feb, 2.30 pm
18 Feb, 3.30 pm