The Speaking Store

After a phase of slowing down, general silence, private isolation, and social distancing, we have reached a new and unknown in-between phase of redefinition.

Stores and shopping centers are opening again, but is this a return to normalcy? Definitely not. New rules, a redefined customer journey and unknown offers. The shopping experience has changed. How can you subtly communicate while wearing a mask? How do you interact with staff at a distance of 1.5 meters, or handle customers in the waiting zone in front of your store in the rain? Behavior and interaction as we know it will be challenged.

We will experience a new freedom, expecting a different certainity.

And one thing is sure: stores and spaces have to communicate more. After the shut down and silence, spaces have to start talking – and not about offers or prices. Our spaces have to communicate safety, make supply chains transparent, and tell deeper stories. We have to rethink human interaction within the limits of these new restrictions.

In our digital life we use all kinds of social media. Physical space can no longer be devoted to sales, it has to become a social space too. Finally, the space becomes the missing piece in a complete communication strategy.

Let your space speak for you, for your brand, your values and share your strengths! Don’t be shy or stay silent: we can integrate your place, your product, or your service into our daily lives again.

Thoughts and words
by Markus Schwitzke

“One thing is sure: In this new future, stores and spaces will have to communicate even more than before.”

– Markus Schwitzke, Managing Director Schwitzke ID