From creation to constructed reality.

With Schwitzke & Partner, we offer all services in the fields of architecture, interior design and general planning for the holistic staging of brands, rooms and locations. Private as well as public, national and international. We first analyze our client’s personality, consider their requests and the needs of those who use and experience the space. Then we develop an architectural vision and bring into the third dimension.

We stay dynamic, develop the right strategy together with our client and maintain the necessary balance between function and intuition. We stand by our clients, from the first line to implementation. And we rely on close exchange during development, which is essential for getting the results they want. That’s how we design places people love, that tell a story and create special experiences – regardless of whether it’s a shop, a hotel or an office.


We employ our architectural and interior design skills in the fields of Retail & Shopping Center, Gastronomy & Hospitality as well as Office and Revitalization:
Service phase 1 to 9
Location search
Functional analysis
Feasibility study
Range analysis & placement
Area assessment
Workplace design
Planning of acoustics, indoor climate, etc.
Individual furniture & lighting design
Interior design
General planning
Creative tenant coordination
Styling & visual merchandising
Seamless customer & visitor experience
Overall design