Work at 4 of your sites in parallel? We make it possible.

Completely renovate 25,000 sqm? We make it possible.

Reduce construction times to the absolute minimum? We make it possible.

Every day, Schwitzke Project realizes its clients’ sophisticated construction projects – some of which test the limits of what is feasible. How do we do it? It requires precise calculations and consistent coordination. We establish parallel processes and bring together diverse specialists. Then we create meticulous project plans, furnish transparent reports, and provide solutions at every phase of the work. In short, we integrate all participants into the process, from the preliminary planning stages to construction management and the final result. Have a look at our examples.


The who’s who of major retail brands rely on Schwitzke Project to refurbish everything from showrooms to digital experience stores. Our accomplishments speak for themselves: over 2,000 completed projects.

Our reference Projects


Today’s state-of-the-art offices present a challenge for acoustics, lighting, and building technology. We pave the way for tailor-made New Work solutions by focusing on everything from soundproofing and air-conditioning systems to raised floors and interior design.

Our reference Projects

Catering and Restaurant

Renowned trendsetting restaurants and system caterers depend on our building services. From full renovations to cutting-edge kitchen installations, we continuously drive work processes forward to remain on schedule until the grand opening.

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A hotel refurbishment has to be perfectly organized. We establish precise work processes and proceed from floor to floor, smoothly and flawlessly, on projects of 150 beds and more.

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Revitalizing buildings requires intensive, in-depth work on the existing structure. It takes considerable skill to meet deadlines in spite of hurdles like contaminated sites and old installations with faulty plumbing and wiring.

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Shopping Center

We remodel and refurbish large, centrally located shopping centers while allowing daily business operations to continue uninterrupted. Aside from extensive experience, this demands highly effective communication and coordination.

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