Vegan restaurant Hulala planned and built

Düsseldorf, Juni 2023

Düsseldorf presents a new hotspot: The vegan fast food restaurant Hulala extends over 350 m² and was opened on the central Carlsplatz. As planning architects, we designed the restaurant in close collaboration with the owner, while our general contractor was responsible for the complete expansion.

The open wooden facade we designed invites to experience the California surf feeling. A harmonious color palette of pastel terracotta and apricot tones, complemented by plants and accessories inspired by surf spots such as Malibu and Hawaii, creates a fresh, light and natural atmosphere. The furniture consists of solid wooden benches, oak tables, room-forming raffia lamps and a terrazzo bench with apricot-colored leather cushions. Orders are conveniently placed via order terminals for fresh and personalized meals.

The restaurant designed and realized by us promises holiday feelings.

Architects and General Construction: Schwitzke & Partner, Schwitzke Project
Space: 350sqm
Services: Architecture, Planning, Complete expansion
Photos: Sascha Wintjens

Hulala Restaurant sieht aus wie ein Surfspot
<p><strong>Restaurant Hulala</strong><br>Düsseldorf</p>
<p><strong>Restaurat Hulala</strong><br>Düsseldorf</p>
<p><strong>Restaurant Hulala</strong><br>Düsseldorf</p>