Sustainable store design

Schwitzke & Partner is driving the development in the field of sustainable store design


The fact that sustainability is also on the advance in store design fits Tina Jokisch´s approach to a holistic shopfittig concept. She sees the following as essential: use of materials, cradle to cradle, regionality also with regard to suppliers, craftsmen and origin of materials, as well as durability and long-term use through flexibility.

“Sustainability has to be a fundamental attitude that has to be lived from the inside and as a consequence of course has to be implemented accordingly in the store.”

The whole interview with the managing director of Schwitzke & Partner, Tina Jokisch:
2020TM_Interview Tina Jokisch

Our group was able to place the topic of sustainability at the Expo Real trade fair for the first time in 2019. Our booth “The Great Green Leap” was a big success for us and for the fair!

The concepts was designed by Schwitzke ID