If you still today believe that the first encounter between the brand and potential purchasers takes place in the store, you have completely misjudged the development of the digital world. A time in which many ‘roads’ lead to the consumer as well as to the brand. The error in reasoning? In most instances, the consumer and the brand have already had their ‘first date’, since contact with a company is almost always established via the Internet nowadays. Via the website or the online shop, presences on social networks and blogs. Going to a store is often only the second step – and it should be a place where the brand can be experienced and is really brought to the fore. The customers already have their first impressions. The challenge now is to communicate with the customers in a consistent manner. To convey the values and the image of the brand across all channels. For a coherent and consistent brand experience in all points of contact with the brand and even beyond.

Besides the visual and conceptual appearance of the brand, this also includes the technical side of things, the interlinking of processes in the background. After all, many purchasers find it beyond incomprehensible that they are not able to collect a product from the online shop in the store or that they are not able to exchange a product there. Or that it seems to be a problem to order another size in the store and have this product delivered to their home. Purchasers looking for a seamless and smooth shopping experience are unforgiving when it comes to such obstacles – and sooner rather than later. They simply move to competitors. If you acknowledge this and deal with it at an early stage, you will not only maintain your credibility, but also gain a loyal fan community.