With the digital revolution, a wide range of new sales and communication channels have emerged. Suddenly, many ‘roads’ lead to the customer – and vice versa. However, the majority of companies feel overburdened when it comes to deciding which ‘road’ is the correct one. One thing is for sure: pure online or offline providers are becoming a thing of the past. Former pure online providers are now investing in real stores and flagships to create a tangible and appreciable brand experience. Former conventional store-based retailers have spread their wings even further and are using online channels to create a consistent and coherent brand presence. An online shop alone is simply not enough today. Brands must be exactly where their customers are. The challenge is working out which channels are sensible for the brand and how to interlink them. Which channels are in line with the values and messages of the brand? And which channels are my target group most likely to use? A comprehensive digital strategy is absolutely vital. The overarching aim: consistent brand messages and authentic experiences. After all, the purchaser has high expectations and assumes that the transition between online and offline channels will be seamless.

Whether an online channel or a digital gadget: the focus should always be on the real value added for the consumer. A brand does not become innovative, digital and modern through the technology in itself, but rather only when its products are real solutions. Omnichannel retail is the order of the day. Together with our clients, we develop individual digital strategies and omnichannel concepts – all in line with the brand, of course. We select channels, interlink online and offline, communicate the right messages to the right points of contact. And we translate these into a powerful design language. It almost goes without saying that we implement all measures and content consistently and coherently in the process.