We are host of the Startup Week Düsseldorf

On June 21, 2022, we warmly welcome startups to our company

At Startup Week Düsseldorf from 20-24.06.2022, visionaries meet corporates, lone fighters meet strong teams, founders meet business angels and beginners meet experts.

On June 21, 2022, we will host Startup Week for the first time and would like to bring together all those who want to know how their brand becomes visible. The CEOs Tina Jokisch, Prof. Felix Thomas and Wolfgang Sigg will share their experience on this day.

The startup enthusiasts will get insights into strategic brand development and communication, the design of retail, hospitality, showroom and new work spaces as well as the final realization of brand concepts.


We are looking forward to many creative minds!


Tina Jokisch
Managing Director Schwitzke & Partner

Mail: tina.jokisch@schwitzke.com
Tel: +49 211 44035 212


Wolfgang Sigg
Managing Director Schwitzke Project

Mail: wolfgang.sigg@schwitzke.com
Tel: +49 211 44035 402