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OEKO-TEX® – A new look for a trusted brand

Ensuring trust and sustainability in textiles and leather

To stay at the forefront in the expanding world of textile and leather safety certification, industry pioneers OEKO-TEX® came to us to modernize and emotionalize the international brand.

We have breathed new life into OEKO-TEX® with corporate design conception, brand strategy, text creation, art direction and lettering systems and continue helping the brand to realize its vision on all levels.

The first visualizations of our ongoing collaboration with OEKO-TEX® are here! Take a look at the newly released website to get a taste of our work.

Have fun – there is more to come

Click here to see the new OEKO-TEX® website!

The new logo for OEKO-TEX® that is based on a geometric square and an organic circle.
New design for OEKO-TEX®MADE IN GREEN labelling tag.
The new fresh look for OEKO-TEX® labelling families.

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