Visitenkarte Design der Tat auf einem grauen Hintergrund.


Project timeline: 8 Months
Mission, Vision, & Core Value Statements; Brand Strategy; Communication Strategy; Digital Strategy; Brand Identity; Brand Development; Brand Communication; Storytelling; Pre-production and Final Artwork; Production; Process Management
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To establish a brand on the market these days, it takes both a good branding as well as an authentic key message that future customers can identify with.


For Newounsa, a premium fashion retailer from Beirut, we developed the brand act – short for apparel con–temporary. A progressive retail concept, carried by the customer’s vision and bold claim to create something new and radical for the local market.


Schwitzke ID defines a clear design that thrives on the tension between high quality, edginess and zeitgeist. Because act is a call-to-action – the call is to develop your own attitude and carry it out into the world. This spirit is conveyed through a challenging, inviting language, which continues in a clear, focused typography. By addressing its customers directly, act makes them part of the brand: act like a superhero, act like a raindrop, act like a thunderstorm. This is supported by a simple color palette of light gray nuances, contrasted with rich black and a strong, proud royal blue. When it came to materials and production, the customer found great importance in the project being an economically and ecologically justifiable production of small quantities.

We look forward to meeting you!

We look forward to meeting you!

Astrid Kaps
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