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Project timeline: 6 months
Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy, Brand Development, Brand Communication, Storytelling, Point-of-sale Communication
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If sauces are the cherries on top of a dish, what does that make the sauce makers? Guided by this question, we developed a comprehensive rebranding concept for the gourmet brand Gepp’s.


The retailer is taking the next step in the sharpening of the brand: in 25 stores throughout Germany, the company sells oils, vinegars and spices as well as home-made sauces at delicatessen level. The goal: to make the demand for delicatessen tangible for everyone. The key point for us were the founders, Roja and Alexander Gepp. As the brand's namesake, the focus should be more on their personality, her their of food and their craft.


For the designers, the fresh ingredients of Gepp's sauces and the down-to-earth founders formed the basis of the new design principles of clarity, naturalness and personality. Translated into a visual language, this means reduction to the essential: the circular logo is reduced to the brand lettering, without any other decorative elements. The color palette focuses on a few muted tones such as sage green, black and white with highlight colors inspired by nature. In addition to the corporate design, we developed a new packaging design concept that assigns the products a clear information hierarchy and color coding for a high-quality look and clear sorting within the range. Based on the creative identity, a store design was created that places the product experience and the brand in the spatial focus.

We look forward to meeting you!

We look forward to meeting you!

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