Ein Bild eines zukunftsweisenden Wegeleitsystems im Eingangsbereich eines GRIDD-Bürogebäudes.


Project timeline: 6 months
Brand Strategy; Brand identity; Brand development; Orientation system; Production
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Introducing GRIDD, a newly redeveloped multi-tenant building in Kennedydamm, Düsseldorf, previously known as the headquarters of IKB Bank.


The path from single tenant to multi-tenant office location requires dynamic repositioning and an independent identity. In order to create a contemporary brand image for new office worlds, an entrance for tenants, guests and customers was newly developed, as it serves the entire building and at the same time represents the new CI of the architecture. The inner courtyard design with additional greenery and outdoor seating areas has ensured a significant increase in the quality of stay. GRIDD as a new brand is played on all surfaces.


The name GRIDD is powerful, bold, open and contemporary – just like the building itself, which is flexibly designed for extensions and constant adjustments by new tenants and internal uses. New Work – we communicate a concrete mindset The naming supports this idea and builds on the visual appearance of the imposing building, making it an urban landmark.

We look forward to meeting you!

We look forward to meeting you!

Astrid Kaps
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Bild von Astrid Kaps, Unternehmensentwicklung & Unternehmenskommunikation der Schwitzke Gruppe.