Abbildung eines grauen Textils mit OEKO-TEX® Etikett und Anhänger.


Project timeline: 24 Monate
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To stay at the forefront in the expanding world of textile and leather safety certifications, industry pioneer OEKO-TEX® turned to Schwitzke ID to modernize and emotionalize its international brand. Our decision to strengthen the OEKO-TEX® umbrella brand has been a driving factor in all of our design decisions. Another important aspect throughout the strategy and design development process was to increase brand awareness in the B2C area, as OEKO-TEX® already has a strong presence in the B2B world.


By introducing a strong and simple branding and a friendly color palette, we refreshed the visual language of OEKO-TEX® to increase recognition and brand awareness. We have created a unified world by bridging the technical expertise of the OEKO-TEX® test methods and the core values of "sustainability", "safety" and "trust". The simplified tone of voice and user-friendly design system create clarity for partners, customers and end users. We have breathed new life into OEKO-TEX® with our corporate design concept, brand strategy, copywriting, art direction and labeling systems and we continue to support the rollout process.

We look forward to meeting you!

We look forward to meeting you!

Astrid Kaps
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Bild von Astrid Kaps, Unternehmensentwicklung & Unternehmenskommunikation der Schwitzke Gruppe.