Bild eines Kellners, der eine violette Schürze mit dem neuen Sander-Logo trägt, während er zwei Teller mit Speisen hält.


Project timeline: 12 months
Brand Strategy; Brand Identity; Mission, Vision, & Core Value Statements; Brand development; Scenography; Brand Communication; Point-of-sale Communication; Pre-production and final artwork; Production; Process Management
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Where nature meets the modern world: Sander Hotel and Restaurant in Frankfurt’s rebrand and redesign took off with great success. Press awareness and potential guest popularity climbed during the months leading up to the opening, thanks to both Schwitzke ID’s audience-tailored messaging and outreach campaigns. On top of building the new brand identity and redesigning the restaurant and its collateral, Schwitzke ID oversaw all of the messaging leading up to the brand launch to ensure success.


Sander makes fresh food on site that can then be sold and reheated for patrons. However, they needed to discover their audience and the needs of the market in order to establish their niche and grow. They also needed a new brand to reflect their processing changes.


Together with the Sander Group, Schwitzke has developed a powerful brand family for the food & hospitality sector, developing the customer’s business toward the consumer market. As well as strategic positioning, Schwitzke ID came up with a full visual identity and an urban design for the 800 square meter restaurant. Schwitzke ID also took care of communication for the brand launch up to the opening.


Schwitzke ID has found that this market is dominated by the target group of women who are looking for regional, healthy products at a good price. We then helped Sander redesign the menu and put the emphasis on local, contemporary dishes with fresh and organic ingredients. Schwitzke ID developed the new brand, including logos and slogans “Democratic Food – simply good food for everyone”, which also appeals to future target groups. Inspired by the home of the Sander Group, the Hunsrück, with its green forests and meadows, Sander combines tradition and modernity as well as conviviality with excellent food. The new development of the sander brand family in terms of content and design was awarded the German Brand Award in the Brand Strategy category in 2019.

The key design theme

In order to give the brand a visual identity, Schwitzke ID developed the key design themes of “industrial”, “forest & meadow” and “tradition & modernity”, and translated these into a contemporary, urban corporate design. Forest & meadow serve as inspiration and generic term for the development of food and drinks – they stand for variety, health, freshness, ease and home. Flowers, blossoms, grasses and herbs find their way onto the plate and, combined with the spirit of the times, form the perfect mixture of tradition and modernity. Tradition & modernity are the elementary factor of the concept. The right mix breaks with outdated traditions, locates them. Freshness manufacture in the here & now and ensures the necessary innovation.The combination of tradition and modernity is limited to both the creation of dishes and the design of the interior.

The logo

The modular sander logo is based on the stained glass found in traditional German inns, and abstractly symbolizes the freshness and expertise of the concept. The graphic modules were developed by the designers based on an adaptable pattern that can be used on packaging for sander products or on walls in the kitchen. The color palette comprises natural, muted tones, from mint green to dark purple and anthracite, inspired by native meadows and landscapes, accented by bold tones such as orange, pink and sky blue. When applied to the menu, the visual language and therefore the sander brand become tangible for the customer in the truest sense. Tailored to the brand and target group, communication via the website, social media channels and the press increased awareness and popularity among potential guests in the months leading up to the opening.

Strategic development towards a consumer brand

The Sander Group has been a key player in the German food service market for more than 40 years. Since September 2018, the company has also been conquering the consumer market – with a brand family for the hotel and catering industry that has been newly developed in our company.

The group set the (first) milestone on the way to strategic further development with the first sander hotel in Koblenz. The result is a new budget design hotel with 100 hotel rooms. A casual ambiance of urban design with deliberately employed nature references, contemporary IT technology and high-quality equipment convince business travelers and tourists alike. In summer 2019, the sander restaurant in Frankfurt will be the next step towards a holistic brand experience. In close cooperation with the client, in addition to the strategic positioning, we developed a complete visual identity and an urban design for the 800 square meter restaurant and supported the brand launch with communications until the opening.

The new content and design of the sander brand family was awarded the German Brand Award in the Brand Strategy category in 2019.

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We look forward to meeting you!

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