Rendering der Monheim Mitte in Tagesansicht.

Monheim’s New Town Center on Film

Monheim has reinvented itself and is a role model for urban rebranding

Schwitzke ID gave the city of Monheim a new cityscape. Our film won the hearts of the city’s people.

Our brand and design agency Schwitzke ID develops the complete brand communication of the inner city brand “Monheim Mitte”. How does urban development work in Monheim? The Rathauscenter area is being transformed into a modern, open quarter that ideally combines shopping, leisure, living and working. The demolition of the low-rise building and the addition of expansion areas will create a nearly 13-metre-wide passage from the bus station with an unobstructed view of Heinestrasse. The shops no longer face inwards, but directly outwards with large shop windows. Awnings over the high shop windows provide sun protection and a lively, warm atmosphere. Thanks to the newly created dynamics, traders and restaurateurs which one might not immediately suspect are also to be settled in the future.

We are pleased to be part of an exciting urban development and to have partnered with a strong municipal player. With this first joint project, In order to have the most extensive design options possible, the city bought back the commercial real estate around Eierplatz. The goal: to shape the city center for the citizens. The film explains the reasons and actors behind the construction project and what the added value is for the residents.

“We want to make people want to see what’s to come and convey first impressions of the architecture and the new feeling in the city center,” explains Isabel Port, Managing Director of Monheim’s shopping centers. “Because in the end we are rebuilding so that the local people will continue to have a lovable and livable city center in the future.”

Rendering of Monheim Mitte in night view.
Rendering of the Monheim Mitte in day view.
Macro view of Monheim Mitte.
Micro view of Monheim Mitte.
The marketing film developed by Schwitzke ID
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