More customer appeal, more emotionality, more digital elements: With the motto "Sport to the People", Intersport is positioning itself as a contact partner with high service and consulting quality.

We developed a cross-national retail concept for the retail group, which was first rolled out at the Athens, Berlin, The Hague, Dublin and Copenhagen locations.

Innenaufnahme des Bereichs Sportstyles im Intersport Store
Innenaufnahme des Bereichs Fußball mit diverser Auswahl an Fußballschuhen im Intersport Store
Innenaufnahme des Bereichs Outdoor im Intersport Store
Highlights are the newly created "Action Place", "Pro Place" and "Experience Place" areas. Here, intensive customer dialog takes place with special service and advice areas, seasonal themed displays and interactive elements such as a soccer simulator or foot scanner.
Innenaufnahme des Kassenbereichs im Intersport Store
Displays, touchscreens, digital changing rooms and the use of virtual reality technology, holograms and magic mirrors support a wide range of shopping experiences for customers.
Produktauswahl an einer aus Holz gestalteten Wand mit Magic Mirror