On 100sqm the streetwear label Live Fast Die Young shows its collection in a minimalist atmosphere. The goal was to implement the showroom concept of the brand with few elements.

With a monochrome warm white look, the design of the store relies on restraint as a background for the merchandise sorted by color. Central to the design were the partially exposed rough stone walls in contrast to the smooth, bright room envelope.

Aufnahme eines weißen Vintage-Sessels neben einem Präsentationstisch und LFDY-typischen Aktenschränken
Also in warm white are the custom collection bars and filing cabinet made of powder-coated sheet steel, as well as the freestanding furniture for the cash register and presentation table made of solid surface material. Minimalist-pure defines itself thereby a mix of new goods carriers, a particularly developed light system and in addition selected vintage furniture.
Innenaufnahme des LFDY Stores in Köln mit modernen Oberlichtern