The private apartment of a Lebanese fashion entrepreneur is located in Downtown Beirut, where contemporary architecture meets new gastronomy and retail concepts.

The architectural task was particularly to adapt the already developed, small-scale apartment of 150 square meters to the open, cosmopolitan lifestyle of the owner.

Innenaufnahme des Küchenbereichs in der Privatwohnung Beirut
Essbereich der Privatwohnung Beirut mit braunen Lederstühlen und Marmortisch
After removing some walls, the cooking, dining and living areas are now in one spacious room. Separate bedrooms and bathrooms in the back of the apartment give the necessary privacy. The blue-toned color palette mixes with cognac or bronze accents and a flat terrazzo floor. The interior is a compilation of timeless classics and unique modern pieces.
Innenaufnahme der Privatwohnung Beirut mit Wohnzimmer, Küche und Essbereich