For Virgin Megastore, we created a new design concept for the 2,400sqm flagship store in the Dubai Mall.

The newly designed store front extends over a length of 100 meters and is framed by red infinity portals. Their futuristic look and feel is based on the iconic design of an Equalizer. One of the main tasks in terms of design and customer journey was to offer visitors both inspiration and intuitive orientation. To this end, we developed category zones, each with its own unique character. The environment is inviting, yet clear and spacious with white materials as well as concrete and light wood to leave room for the wide variety of brands and products on offer.

Nahaufnahme des Virgin Megastore Logos an der Außenwand des Stores
Innenaufnahme der Spieleabteilung im Virgin Megastore Dubai
Außenaufnahme des Eingangsbereichs von der Shopping Mall in den Virgin Megastore Dubai
To highlight the brand's USP – added value and customer services – the heart of the store is the so-called RedBox. There, visitors will find services such as ticket sales, customization, customer support, repairs or gift wrapping. Inside the store, the customer journey is supported by red stripes casually installed in the ceiling, which provide additional dynamism and drama.
Innenaufnahme des Custom Fix im Virgin Megastore Dubai
Innenaufnahme der Skateabteilung im Virgin Megastore Dubai